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During the 19th and 20th centuries, American Indian and Alaska
Native children were forcibly abducted from their homes to attend
Christian boarding schools as a matter of government policy. Sexual,
physical, and emotional violence was rampant in many of these
schools. As a result of boarding school policies, there is now an
epidemic of child sexual abuse in many Native communities.
However, because of the shame attached to the abuse, there has
been no forum to adequately address this problem. Consequently,
child abuse passes from one generation to the next. This project is a
starting point to address child sexual abuse. By framing abuse as the
continuing effects of human rights abuses perpetrated by government
policy, we hope to take the shame away from talking about the
abuse and provide space for communities to address the problem
and heal.

The Boarding School Healing Project, a coalition of several
organizations around the country, seeks to document Native
boarding school abuses so that Native communities can begin healing
from boarding school abuses and demand justice. This project will
entail the following components:

Boarding School Healing Project
healing and